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There is more to being "fit and healthy" then doing bench presses, running on treadmills and eating chicken breast. You need someone to guide you every step of the way, from fitness, to food, to motivation & mindset, and this is what the AT Method is all about!

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The "AT" Method is a holistic hybrid -- physical and mental performance system.

It is designed to help individuals maximize their physical, mental and emotional potential through personalized online training programs, nutrition, and personal coaching/support

I focus on improving your mobility, posture and alignment while also building strength, improving physical and mental performance. Toss a tailored, well balanced micro nutrient dense meal plan and natural supplementation to support the body free of artificial ingredients into the mix, and you have the AT Method.

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The "AT" Method transformation program is all about being the best version of your self. This is a 6 month program that WILL do just that! This program will take you as far as you want to go! from the basics to being a beast - male or female.

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The "AT" Method offers in-depth online training, allowing you to work with Andrew from anywhere. Acheive your goals and live a healthier life. Custom programs are available, Just click below to get a consult!


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The "AT" method Athletic performance system has been created to take individuals performance to the next level. What ever your sport is, this program will take you further then you ever thought possible helping you to perform at your absolute best.

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Andrew Topping

Certified Personal Trainer

I have been a leader in the personal training/coaching industry for over 10 years in Calgary, Alberta, and worked along side some of Canada's top trainers and professional athletes. I've supported 1000's of Calgarian's in changing their lives for the better through proper exercise, nutrition and personal development/coaching. I have practiced and believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness. With a background in sports, functional training, yoga, bodybuilding, and marital arts I have a very dynamic background and a very well rounded understanding and approach to health and fitness with mobility, functionality and health of the client are my first priority.


“Health is our most valuable commodity and most people don’t realize that until its too late, don’t be that person. Take really great care of yourself, let me help!”


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